Buildroot meeting and FOSDEM report, Google Summer of Code topics

As we discussed in a recent blog post, two of our engineers participated to the FOSDEM conference early February in Brussels, Belgium. For those interested, many videos are available, such as several videos from the Lameere room, where the embedded related talks were given.

Thomas Petazzoni also participated to the two days Buildroot Developers Meeting after the FOSDEM conference. This meeting gathered 10 contributors to the Buildroot project physically present and two additional remote participants. The event was sponsored by Google and Mind, thanks a lot to them! During those two days, the participants were able to discuss a very large number of topics that are often difficult to discuss over mailing lists or IRC, and a significant work to clean up the oldest pending patches was done. In addition to this, these meetings are also very important to allow the contributors to know each other, as it makes future online discussions and collaborations much easier and fruitful. For more details, see the complete report of the event.

Buildroot Developers Meeting in Brussels
Buildroot Developers Meeting in Brussels

Also, if you’re interested in Buildroot, the project has applied to participate to the next edition of the Google Summer of Code. Two project ideas are already listed on the project wiki, feel free to contact Thomas Petazzoni if you are a student interested in these topics, or if you have other proposals to make for Buildroot.

Bootlin at FOSDEM and at the Buildroot Developers Meeting

FOSDEMThis week-end is the first week-end of February, which on the schedule of all open-source developers is always booked for a major event of our community: the FOSDEM conference in Brussels. With several hundreds of talks over two days, this completely free event is one of the biggest event, if not the biggest of the open-source world.

For embedded Linux developers, FOSDEM has quite a few interesting tracks and talks this year: an embedded track, a graphics track (with many embedded related talks, such as talks on Video4Linux, the status of open-source drivers for 2D and 3D graphics on ARM platforms, etc.), and several talks in other tracks relevant to embedded developers. For example, there is one talk about the Allwinner SoCs and the community behind it in one of the main track. Our engineer Maxime Ripard is the Linux kernel maintainer for this family of SoC.

Two Bootlin engineers will attend FOSDEM: Maxime Ripard and Thomas Petazzoni. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them if you want to discuss embedded Linux or kernel topics!

Also, right after FOSDEM, the Buildroot community is organizing its Developers Meeting, on Monday, 3rd and Tuesday 4th February. This event is sponsored by Google (providing the meeting location) and Mind (providing the dinner), and will take place in the offices of Google in Brussels. Ten Buildroot developers will participate to the meeting in Brussels, as well as a number of others remotely. On Bootlin side, Thomas Petazzoni will be participating to the meeting. If you are interested in participating, either physically or remotely, do not hesitate to contact Thomas to register. For more details, see the wiki page of the event.

Videos of the Embedded track at FOSDEM 2012

Better late than never: we finally found the time to update our video encoding scripts, and therefore encode and upload the videos we had taken of the embedded track at FOSDEM 2012. Amongst many other interesting talks, you’ll notice two talks given by Bootlin engineers: one by Maxime Ripard on the IIO subsystem, a kernel subsystem for Industrial I/O devices, and another by Thomas Petazzoni about the usage of the Qt framework for non-graphical applications in embedded Linux systems.

CĂ©dric BailVideo capture
EFL the upcoming embedded UI toolkit
Video (51 minutes):
full HD (337M), 800×450 (138M)

Julius Baxter, Olof KindgrenVideo capture
The OpenRisc Project
Video (28 minutes):
full HD (184M), 800×450 (74M)

Jeremy BennettVideo capture
Open Source Software Meets Open Source Hardware, OpenCores and the OpenRisc 1000
Video (28 minutes):
full HD (165M), 800×450 (71M)

Vasilis GeorgitzikisVideo capture
PMH: Home Automation made right
Video (27 minutes):
full HD (187M), 800×450 (81M)

Thomas PetazzoniVideo capture
Using Qt for non-graphical applications
Video (47 minutes):
full HD (307M), 800×450 (129M)

Jean PihetVideo capture
Texas Instruments
Linux (SoC) power management
Video (39 minutes):
full HD (268M), 800×450 (117M)

Maxime RipardVideo capture
IIO, a new subsystem for I/O devices
Video (35 minutes):
full HD (211M), 800×450 (97M)

Arnoult VandecappelleVideo capture
Safe upgrade of embedded systems
Video (47 minutes):
full HD (320M), 800×450 (138M)

Bootlin at FOSDEM: two talks and video recording

I'm going to FOSDEMAs usual, Bootlin will again be present at the FOSDEM conference in Brussels, on February, 4th and February 5th. We will of course mostly be attending the Embedded DevRoom, with multiple talks around development in the embedded space.

We will also be giving two talks this year:

  • My colleague Maxime Ripard will be giving a talk about IIO, a new subsystem for I/O devices. In short, IIO is a new subsystem in the kernel to write drivers for devices like Analog-to-Digital converters. Maxime has worked on a driver inside the IIO subsystem for the internal ADCs of the AT91 processors from Atmel, and will base his talk mostly on the experience developing this driver. This talk will take place on Saturday, 12:00 AM to 1:00 PM in the Lameere room.
  • I will be giving a talk on Using Qt for non-graphical applications. It is a talk that has already been given at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, but the audience of FOSDEM and ELCE being quite different, we have chosen to propose it for FOSDEM as well, and it got accepted. This talk will take place on Sunday, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM in the Lameere room.

There are also other talks that are worth noting: a SoC power management talk from Jean Pihet who works on OMAP power management support in the Linux kernel, a talk about OpenCores and OpenRISC, a talk about Safe Upgrade of Embedded Systems by Arnout Vandecappelle, who contributes a lot to Buildroot, and also other talks about OpenWRT, Yocto, licensing issues in Android, the EFL libraries, and more.

We will also be carrying our camcorder to video record those talks. We are trying to see with the FOSDEM organization team if it possible to record the audio directly from the room sound systems in order to provide better audio quality in our videos.

If you happen to be at FOSDEM, we’d be very happy to meet you!

Buildroot Developer Day, Brussels edition

BuildrootAround each FOSDEM conference and Embedded Linux Conference Europe event, we have been organizing a Buildroot Developer Day for a few years, in order to gather some developers and users of the Buildroot build system, in order to discuss the development of Buildroot, its features, development process, design, and more.

In Prague at the last Embedded Linux Conference Europe in October 2011, we had a very interesting meeting that gathered developers from other build systems (OE-lite, OpenBricks and PXTdist), and we published a report of this meeting.

The next Buildroot Developer Day will take place on Friday, 3rd February, just before the FOSDEM conference, in Brussels. This is the first meeting that will gather such a number of Buildroot developers: Peter Korsgaard (Buildroot maintainer), Arnout Vandecapelle (developer from Essensium/Mind, who has been contributing a lot to Buildroot lately), Thomas De Schampheleire (also a big contributor in the last year or so), Luca Ceresoli, Yann E. Morin (developer of Crosstool-NG), my colleague Maxime Ripard (who contributed package enhancements and improvements of the package infrastructure) and myself.

This meeting is open to all Buildroot developers and users, and will take place in a location easily accessible in the center of Brussels. Do not hesitate to contact me at if you want to take part to this meeting.