Agenda of FOSDEM embedded devroom announced

The FOSDEM is now scheduled in less than two weeks in Brussels. The agenda of the developers room dedicated to embedded topics has been published recently. A nice set of interesting talks will take place :

As usual, I’ll be at FOSDEM with Bootlin video camera, so soon after the conference, videos of the talks should be available from our website.

Author: Thomas Petazzoni

Thomas Petazzoni is CTO and embedded Linux and kernel engineer at Bootlin. He is a lead developer of Buildroot and also a contributor to the Linux kernel. More details...

One thought on “Agenda of FOSDEM embedded devroom announced”

  1. In the Ada developers room we have also one conference about a real-time operating system for embedded systems, MaRTE OS, that might be of the interest for people attending to the embedded devroom. 🙂

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