Linux 6.9 released, Bootlin contributions inside!

Linux 6.9 was released last Sunday, and as usual we refer our readers to the excellent coverage of the Linux 6.9 merge window (part 1 and part 2) to get a good overall picture of the improvements and new features brought by this release.

On our side, we contributed a total of 119 commits authored by Bootlin engineers, but we also merged a total of 95 patches from other contributors, as several Bootlin engineers as also maintainers of various drivers/subsystems in the Linux kernel.

Here is the highlight of our contributions:

  • Alexandre Belloni, as the RTC subsystem maintainer, submitted a number of improvements to various RTC drivers, with a particular focus on the rtc-ds1511 driver
  • Alexis Lothoré continued his work on the wilc1000 Wireless driver, for the Microchip ATWILC1000 chip. Alexis is going through a significant backlog of out-of-tree patches, to bring the mainline driver on par with the vendor driver
  • Grégory Clement contributed the initial support for the Mobileye EyeQ5 processor, used in autonomous driving applications
  • Hervé Codina, after submitting in Linux 6.8 a new WAN framer subsystem in Linux 6.8, he contributed drivers/net/wan/fsl_qmc_hdlc.c a new WAN driver to perform HDLC using the PowerPC QMC hardware block, as well as a sound/soc/codecs/framer-codec.c, which is an ASoC codec driver that works on top of the WAN framer subsystem
  • Hervé also contributed some fixes to the devlink mechanism
  • Jérémie Dautheribes contributed some improvements to the TI drivers/net/phy/dp83822.c Ethernet PHY driver
  • Köry Maincent changed the PTP subsystem to use the XArray data structure instead of simple IDA, and contributed a fix to the Linux kernel regulator subsystem, in preparation for his work on PoE
  • Luca Ceresoli contributed new trace events in the ASoC subsystem, fixed a bug in the I2S driver for Rockchip platforms, and fixed some description text in a Device Tree Binding
  • Louis Chauvet fixed an issue in the Xilinx XDMA dmaengine driver
  • Maxime Chevallier contributed documentation fixes in the phylink subsystem
  • Michael Opdenacker marked ext2 as a deprecated driver
  • Miquèl Raynal contributed some fixes to his implementation of continuous read support for parallel NAND, and also some fixes to the same Xilinx XDMA dmaengine driver as Louis Chauvet
  • Richard Genoud arrived at Bootlin, and updated his mailmap entry
  • Thomas Richard continued his work on suspend/resume support on TI K3 platforms
  • Last but not least Théo Lebrun is for this release our biggest contributor, with 46 patches. All his work is centered around enabling support for Mobileye EyeQ processors, with a focusing on pinctrl, I2C, SPI and GPIO. The SPI controller used is from Cadence, the I2C and GPIO blocks are the same as the ones available on Nomadik SoCs, so Théo mostly improved/extended those drivers to support the Mobileye EyeQ case.

Here is the complete details of our contributions:

Author: Thomas Petazzoni

Thomas Petazzoni is Bootlin's co-owner and CEO. Thomas joined Bootlin in 2008 as a kernel and embedded Linux engineer, became CTO in 2013, and co-owner/CEO in 2021. More details...

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