Hervé Codina – Bootlin staff

Hervé CodinaHervé Codina joined Bootlin as an embedded Linux and kernel engineer in 2021.
Hervé has been working as an embedded software engineer since 2005 and as an embedded Linux engineer since 2011. He mainly worked on ARM platforms for industrial customers, always close to the hardware. He has been involved in embedded Linux system development as well as bare metal development. He also worked on critical bare metal software on PowerPC and Microchip microcontroller platforms for avionic and transportation sectors.

Linux kernel and bootloader experience

Hervé ported U-Boot and Barebox to several custom boards based on Samsung, Atmel/Microchip and Xilinx ARM processors. He also customized those bootloaders to fit the customers needs on specific topics such as security and “flip-flop” boot. Hervé worked on several Linux drivers to control customer components among others a SPI modem or a signal acquisition FPGA connected on an internal ARM SoC AXI bus.

Build system experience

Hervé provided Buildroot and Yocto BSPs to several customers, and customized initialization sequences (init SysV or Systemd) to fit specific needs. He also developed user space low-level libraries to facilitate the integration of customer software.