Alexandre Belloni

Alexandre Belloni

Alexandre Belloni joined Bootlin in 2013 and has been working on embedded systems since 2005. His experience led him to work on multiple Free Software operating systems, mostly Linux and FreeBSD.

Linux Kernel Development Experience

Alexandre is maintaining the Linux kernel RTC subsystem and the kernel support for Microchip/Atmel ARM SoCs since 2015.

As part of this responsibility, he cleaned up the core support (including timers, clocks and interrupt controller) and reworked the Power Management driver for Atmel SoCs.
He also upstreamed the nau7802 ADC driver, sun4i PWM driver and support for buttons connected to resistor ladders.

He is obviously involved in many of the RTC drivers.

See his contributions to the Linux kernel.

Alexandre is also used to porting Linux to custom boards.

Embedded Linux build system experience

Alexandre is a Yocto Project participant and OpenEmbedded contributor. In openembedded-core, he mainly contributed to wic, the image generation tool. He maintains a few boards in the meta-freescale BSP layers and is a main contributor in the meta-atmel BSP layer.

openembedded-core contributions

meta-freescale contributions
meta-freescale-3rdparty contributions

meta-atmel contributions

Alexandre also contributed a few packages and configurations to buildroot which he used in multiple projects.

buildroot contributions

Training Experience

Alexandre is a trainer for our Embedded Linux, Linux kernel and driver development, and Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded development courses. Since 2013, he teached more than 20 trainings all around the world.

Speaking Experience

Alexandre has spoken in several international technical conferences:

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