Linux 5.16 released: Bootlin contributions

Linux 5.16 has been released on January 9. As usual, our recommended reading to learn more about this release is the corresponding page and the two articles from LWN covering the 5.16 merge window: part 1 and part 2.

As usual, Bootlin contributed a number of patches to this release, with a total of 117 commits, making Bootlin the 22th contributing company according to statistics (Unknown and Hobbyists not counting as companies).

Here are the main highlights of our contributions to 5.16:

  • Alexandre Belloni, as the maintainer of the RTC subsystem, continued to improve the core subsystem and RTC drivers. He added a new user-space interface to RTC to allow getting/settings RTC parameters. It is used to get the features of an RTC from user-space, to get/set the RTC correction or to configure Backup Switch Mode. In addition, Alexandre made various improvements to several RTC drivers, such as adding Backup Switch Mode, and general refactoring.
  • Clément Léger did a small fix in the clock drivers for Microchip ARM platforms, fixing an issue discovered as part of his work porting OP-TEE to Microchip ARM platforms.
  • Hervé Codina made some fixes to the fsmc NAND controller driver, which is used on a number of old platforms from ST. They fix support of certain NAND chips on those platforms. These issues were discovered as part of the development of a Linux BSP for an old ST Spear320 platform.
  • Maxime Chevallier fixed a deadlock in the network stack, that was causing the kernel to stop booting when using a root filesystem over NFS combined with the network interface using a SFP module.
  • Miquèl Raynal contributed many improvements to the max1027 ADC driver in the IIO subsystem, supporting hardware triggers.
  • Miquèl Raynal contributed support for the ADC found on Texas Instruments AM437x platforms. This required significant changes in the MFD driver that is used to support the multiple features of this ADC, as well as improvements in the existing IIO driver for TI ADCs.
  • Paul Kocialkowski contributed a small addition enabling the Rockchip VPU on Rockchip PX30 platforms, and merged the Device Tree bindings for the logiCVC display controller (but not yet the driver itself).

And now, the complete list of commits:

Author: Thomas Petazzoni

Thomas Petazzoni is Bootlin's co-owner and CEO. Thomas joined Bootlin in 2008 as a kernel and embedded Linux engineer, became CTO in 2013, and co-owner/CEO in 2021. More details...

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