Paul Kocialkowski

Paul is an embedded Linux engineer, who worked at Bootlin from 2018 to 2023. While no longer a full time employee of Bootin, as of 2024, Paul is still teaching the Understanding the Linux Graphics Stack training course to Bootlin customers.

Linux Kernel Development Experience

As part of his internship, Paul worked extensively on the Cedrus driver for the VPU found on Allwinner platforms, a V4L2 driver using the M2M framework and Request API in the mainline Linux kernel. During that time, he also enabled a display pipeline for the VPU use case in the mainline DRM driver for Allwinner platforms. During a previous internship at the Intel Open Source Technology Center, he also worked on automated display testing with the IGT GPU Tools testing suite and the Chamelium hardware.

On his spare time, Paul also contributed a few changes to the kernel, adding basic support for a few OMAP mobile devices and fixing various issues for some ARM Chrome OS devices. He also had the occasion to deal with downstream vendor kernels used in mobile devices running Android.

Bootloader Development Experience

On his spare time, Paul contributed to some boot-related software projects:

  • U-Boot: Added support for a few mobile devices based on OMAP and Allwinner platforms along with a few platform-wide fixes, especially for USB and fastboot support;
  • coreboot: Contributed fixes and build system improvements for ARM Chrome OS devices;
  • depthcharge: Contributed a few fixes for ARM Chrome OS devices;

Free Software Contributions

Over the years, Paul has contributed to various projects related to free software:

  • Replicant: a fully free software Android-based operating system project that he joined in 2011. He quickly became the project’s lead developer, added support for many new mobile devices and wrote a number of Hardware Abstraction Layer implementations covering areas such as audio, camera, radio interface and sensors. He retired from active development in 2016;
  • FOSDEM: Paul started and organized the Hardware Enablement devroom, focused on highlighting free software projects related to hardware support while serving as co-deputy for the Graphics devroom in 2018 and 2019.