Linux 3.12 released, Bootlin 14th contributor by number of commits

Emperor penguins pictureThe 3.12 kernel has just been released by Linus Torvalds, who summarized what he considers to be the major improvements offered by this release: improvements to the dynamic tick code, support infrastructure for DRM render nodes, TSO sizing and the FQ scheduler in the network layer, support for user namespaces in the XFS filesystem, multithreaded RAID5 in the MD subsystem, offline data deduplication in the Btrfs filesystem.

As usual, Bootlin contributed to the Linux kernel during this cycle, and according to the statistics at KPS, Bootlin is the 14th contributor in terms of number of commits, as a company. Bootlin contributed 185 patches to this kernel release, on a total of 10920 patches. Note that this classification includes the “Unknown” company which ranks first, gathering the contributions from all the contributors that are not known to be affiliated to any company.

The highlights of our contributions are:

  • Addition of support for the HX8369 LCD controller to the driver we had contributed earlier for the HX8357 LCD controller, in drivers/video/backlight/hx8357.c. These LCD controllers are used by the Crystalfontz i.MX28 boards, and this new development was done primarily by Alexandre Belloni.
  • Addition of a driver for the Nuvoton NAU7802 ADC chip on I2C, in drivers/iio/adc/nau7802.c. Some initial work was done by Maxime Ripard, but lots of debugging and additional work was done by Alexandre Belloni, who also pushed the driver to the mainline.
  • Added Device Tree information for the PMU unit on Atmel SAMA5D3 platforms, which allows to use perf on these platforms. Done by Alexandre Belloni.
  • Addition of a Device Tree binding to the mvebu-mbus driver, which controls the configuration of the MBus on Marvell EBU platforms (Armada 370/XP, Kirkwood, Dove, etc.). This binding took a lot of discussion time, and many iterations before reaching a state that was considered acceptable for mainline, but it has finally been merged in 3.12. The core of this work was done by Ezequiel Garcia, with several contributions from Thomas Petazzoni to convert existing platforms to the new APIs.
  • Many cleanups and improvements to the nand_pxa3xx driver, which for the moment is used for the NAND controller on PXA3xx, but that we are currently extending to also cover the NAND controller of Armada 370/XP platforms. In 3.12, only some cleanups have been integrated, and we are currently submitting the more important patches for mainline integration. This work was done by Ezequiel Garcia.
  • Cleanups, and conversion to CLOCKSOURCE_OF_DECLARE of the Armada 370/XP clocksource driver. Done by Ezequiel Garcia.
  • Extension of the Marvell I2C driver to use a new feature of the I2C controller found on Armada 370/XP, which allows to program an entire transaction at once, instead of having interrupts at each step of the transaction. This work was done by Gregory Clement.
  • The quest of removing unneeded ->init_irq() callbacks in machine descriptors continued, with Maxime Ripard removing 4 additional occurrences of this in mach-shmobile.
  • Cleanups and improvements to the sun4i clocksource driver, used on Allwinner SOCs. Done by Maxime Ripard.
  • Introduction of the initial support for the Allwinner A31 SOC and its WITS Columbus evaluation kit, as well as initial support for the Allwinner A20 SOC and the Olimex A20-Olinuxino-Micro and Cubieboard2 board, both based on the Allwinner A20 SOC. This includes clock support, pinctrl support, Ethernet support where applicable, and more. Work done by Maxime Ripard.
  • Michael Opdenacker continued his fight against IRQF_DISABLED and removed more occurrences of them. Michael also fixed a few issues in some Kconfig files.
  • Fixed big-endian issues in the Marvell mvneta Ethernet driver and the Marvell XOR driver, in preparation for the addition of big-endian support to the mach-mvebu platform. Done by Thomas Petazzoni.
  • Conversion of a few more Kirkwood platforms to the Device Tree, and removal of legacy support for other Kirkwood platforms that were already converted to the Device Tree. Done by Thomas Petazzoni.
  • Addition of the support for the Armada XP based AXP-WiFi AP board, from Marvell. Done by Thomas Petazzoni.
  • Improvements of the MSI infrastructure in the kernel: consolidation of code between architectures, addition of a registry of msi_chip. This preparatory work was needed to introduce MSI support for Armada 370/XP, which should hopefully make its way into 3.13. Work done by Thomas Petazzoni.

In details, our contributions were:

Author: Thomas Petazzoni

Thomas Petazzoni is Bootlin's co-owner and CEO. Thomas joined Bootlin in 2008 as a kernel and embedded Linux engineer, became CTO in 2013, and co-owner/CEO in 2021. More details...

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