Bootlin contributions to the 3.10 kernel

The 3.10 Linux kernel has been released a few days ago. According to LWN, with almost 13.500 non-merge commits, the 3.10 has been the busiest ever, and also the fastest. Bootlin engineers again contributed to this release, with 99 patches integrated, making Bootlin the 28th most active company contributing, right between ST-Ericsson (103 patches) and ARM (97 patches). See for the complete statistics.

This time, Bootlin contributions include:

  • LPAE support for the Marvell Armada XP SoC, done by Grégory Clement.
  • Fix for errata 4742 of the PJ4B CPU core (used in Armada 370/XP), which prevented booting Armada 370 platforms after ARM optimized some TLB operations. Done by Grégory Clement.
  • Support for NOR flash on Marvell Armada 370 and Armada XP SoC, done by Ezequiel Garcia
  • Addition of a mvebu-mbus driver to handle the address decoding mechanism and configurable memory windows of Marvell SoC. The mach-kirkwood, mach-orion5x, mach-dove, mach-mv78xx0 and mach-mvebu Marvell platforms are all converted to use it. Developping this driver was a requirement to enable PCIe in a Device Tree compatible way on these platforms. Done by Thomas Petazzoni.
  • Addition of Device Tree information for the PCIe controllers of the Armada 370 and Armada XP, but unfortunately not the PCIe driver itself (which will arrive in 3.11). Done by Thomas Petazzoni.
  • Support for the thermal sensor on Marvell Armada 370 and Armada XP SoC, done by Ezequiel Garcia
  • A lot of reorganization of the Device Tree compatible strings for the Allwinner ARM SoC support, to prepare for the addition of additional SoCs in the future. Done by Maxime Ripard.
  • Improvements to the Allwinner pinctrl driver, with support for the A10 and A13 SoC. Done by Maxime Ripard.
  • Enabling of the I2C GPIO expander of the Armada 370 based Mirabox platform. Done by Grégory Clement.
  • A few updates to the support for the i.MX28 Crystalfontz boards: touchscreen and one-wire support on CFA10049. Done by Alexandre Belloni.
  • Various cleanups and improvements to the OMAP GMPC driver, done by Ezequiel Garcia.
  • Various cleanups and improvements to the Marvell Armada 370/XP IRQ controller driver, done by Thomas Petazzoni.

In detail, the contributions are:

Thomas Petazzoni

Author: Thomas Petazzoni

Thomas Petazzoni is Bootlin's co-owner and CEO. Thomas joined Bootlin in 2008 as a kernel and embedded Linux engineer, became CTO in 2013, and co-owner/CEO in 2021. More details...

5 thoughts on “Bootlin contributions to the 3.10 kernel”

  1. Your kernel article and the “ARM support in the
    Linux kernel” FOSDEM 2013 pdf were very interesting to me.

    I have been working with GlobalScale’s SMILE plug and had come to the conclusion that its Linux distribution were old and un-supported.

    The SMILE plug is an Access Point, but does not have a Webmin user interface.

    With the latest Linux Kernel supporting the Armada 370, is possible to build a Linux distribution with Webmin support? I see the MiraPlug is now supported by the kernel.

    Is this something free-electrons could help with on a consulting basis?

    Best Regards
    Larry Harmon

  2. Hi Thomas.

    I am trying Linux Kernel 4.0.3 on ARMADAXP-MV78260 . There two issues which I am stuck with

    1) U-Boot deletes /l2-cache node from FDT blob.
    Tried setting “setenv disL2Cache no” but then Linux boot stops at “Starting Kernel”
    If I “setenv disL2Cache yes” then L2C doesnt initialize & dumps following message
    ” L2C: failed to init: -19″ . This -ENODEV since its not able to find /l2-cache node from FDT.

    2) Another Issue is secondary CPU’s dont come online .
    “CPU1: failed to come online”

    I am using marvell supplied U-BOOT BSP & latest kernel release from
    Kernel doesnt have any LSP for now.

    1. Could you report this issue on the ARM kernel mailing list, with the Marvell EBU maintainers and myself (Thomas Petazzoni) in Cc? This will be a much more efficient way to address your problem than exchanging through blog post comments.

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