Michael Opdenacker

Michael Opdenacker

Michael is Bootlin’s founder. He has been Bootlin’s CEO until the company acquisition in 2021, at which point Michael continued his activities as an embedded Linux and Linux kernel engineer and trainer.

Michael has been using Unix and GNU / Linux since 1991. He has been working with embedded Linux since 2003 and created the company in 2004.

Embedded Linux experience

Michael has been working on Embedded Linux since 2003:

A good way to know Michael’s experience better is to check his contributions to Open Source project and his experience sharing through public workshops and technical conferences.

Accepted contributions to Open Source projects

Michael has contributed to multiple Open Source projects used in embedded systems:

  • Linux kernel: 160
  • BitBake (including documentation): 46
  • Yocto Project documentation: 357
  • Openembedded-Core: 38
  • Meta-Openembedded: 15
  • Alsa-utils: 2
  • Elixir Cross Referencer: 263
  • U-Boot: 2
  • Buildroot: 1

Conference presentations

Some presentations are available in video.


Promoting Free Software

Introduction to Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux Development

Linux Kernel

Optimizing Embedded Linux Boot-Time

Reducing System Size


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