ELC Europe 2010 sessions announced

List of sessions and speakers at ELC Europe in Cambridge, UK

Cambridge, UKBeing a member of the organization committee of the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, I get access to fresh news about this yearly conference. The call for presentations is now over and we have just announced the list of sessions.

Note that this list is not the final one yet. Some speakers haven’t confirmed their participation or haven’t sent their biographies yet. There are also two or three speakers added at the last minute who are not listed yet.

The conference will happen in Cambridge, UK, on October 27-28, 2010. Keep an eye on the website (or on our blog). Registration should open in a few days from now, and all practical details will be given then.

See also the agenda of the GStreamer conference which will happen at the same location on the day before.

Author: Michael Opdenacker

Michael Opdenacker is the founder of Bootlin, and was its CEO until 2021. He is best known for all the free embedded Linux and kernel training materials that he created together with Thomas Petazzoni. He is always looking for ways to increase performance, reduce size and boot time, and to maximize Linux' world domination. More details...

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