Bootlin contributions to Linux 3.13

Version 3.13 of the Linux kernel was released by Linus Torvalds on January, 19th 2014. The site has an excellent page that covers the most important improvements and feature additions that this new kernel release brings.

As usual Bootlin contributed to this kernel: with 121 patches merged in 3.13 on a total of 12127 patches contributed, Bootlin is ranked 17th in the list of companies contributing to the Linux kernel. We also appeared on Jonathan Corbet kernel contribution statistics at, as a company having contributed 1% of the kernel changes, right between Renesas Electronics and Huawei Technologies.

Amongst the contributions we made for 3.13:

  • Standby support added to the Marvell Kirkwood processors, done by Ezequiel Garcia.
  • Various fixes and improvements to the PXA3xx NAND driver, as well as to the Marvell Armada 370/XP clocks, in preparation to the introduction of NAND support for Armada 370/XP, which will arrive in 3.14. Work done by Ezequiel Garcia.
  • Added support for the Performance Monitoring Unit in the AM33xx Device Tree files, which allows to use perf and oprofile on platforms such as the BeagleBone. Work done by Alexandre Belloni.
  • Support added for the I2C controllers on certain Allwinner SOCs, as well as several other cleanups and minor improvements for these SoCs. Work done by Maxime Ripard.
  • Continued the work to get rid of IRQF_DISABLED, as well as other janitorial tasks such as removing unused Kconfig symbols. Work done by Michael Opdenacker.
  • Added support for MSI (Message Signaled Interrupts) for the Armada 370 and XP SoCs. Work done by Thomas Petazzoni.
  • Added support for the Marvell Matrix board (an Armada XP based platform) and the OpenBlocks A7 (a Kirkwood based platform manufactured by PlatHome). Work done by Thomas Petazzoni.

In detail, the patches contributed by Bootlin are:

Thomas Petazzoni

Author: Thomas Petazzoni

Thomas Petazzoni is Bootlin's co-owner and CEO. Thomas joined Bootlin in 2008 as a kernel and embedded Linux engineer, became CTO in 2013, and co-owner/CEO in 2021. More details...

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