Training cost and registration

Public sessions

See our upcoming training session dates.

On-site sessions

Your organization orders a training session taught at its own location by a Bootlin trainer, and provides the training facilities (room, projector, computers).

Our costs are the same whatever the number of people to train. 16 people maximum per group (maximum 8 workstations). No minimum number of participants.

Base cost

5-day course
Embedded Linux (5d)
Linux Kernel
4-day course
Embedded Linux (4d)
3-day course
2-day course
Linux graphics
8,950 € to 9,950 € 7,950 € to 8,950 € 6,950 € to 7,950 € 5,950 € to 6,950 €

The exact cost depends on the exact training location (we are available for travel to all continents), and on the trainer traveling time.

Trainer traveling expenses

In addition to the above base costs.

  • We do our best to reduce traveling expenses by sending trainers from your geographical area, whenever possible. However, we could also propose trainers from more distant areas, if they are available much earlier than the ones that live closer.

We will let you know what such costs are in the quote that we will send you.


To ask for a quote and register a group, please contact and tell us:

  • Your location
  • The courses you are interested in
  • Your preferred dates
  • The number of people to train
  • Any questions that you may have

You can also call us at +33 484 258 097.