Real-time Linux with PREEMPT_RT training

Learn how to build, run and debug real-time Linux systems using PREEMPT_RT

Course details

  • Duration: 2 days / 16 hours (on-site) – 3 half days / 12 hours (on-line)
  • Agenda: on-siteon-line
  • Training materials: slides, practical labs
  • Written language: English
  • Available oral languages: English and French.

Public on-line sessions

Type Dates Time Duration Language Expected
Cost and registration
Real-time Linux with PREEMPT_RT (agenda) January 19, 20, 21, 2022 14:00 – 18:00 (Paris time, UTC+1) 12 h English Maxime Chevallier Early: 399 EUR*
Regular: 449 EUR*

*The price is excluding VAT. Eventbrite charges VAT, except for businesses in the European Union outside of France if they provide valid company information and VAT number to Evenbrite at registration time.

If you are unable to register through Eventbrite, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be able to provide a training contract and offer alternative payment methods.

Registration on Eventbrite remains available until the session starts, subject to seat availability.

See details about our on-line sessions.

Dedicated online sessions

We can also propose private online sessions. This way, you can choose the dates and times that best suit the needs and availabilities of your teams.

Public on-site sessions

No on-site public session planned at the moment.

Dedicated on-site sessions

We can send one of our trainers at your own location at your own location, anywhere in the world (we have taught classes on all continents). See how to register.

Target audience

training desktopThis course targets companies and engineers who are interested in writing and benchmarking real-time applications and drivers on an embedded Linux system.


  • Be able to understand the characteristics of a real-time operating system
  • Be able to download, build and use the PREEMPT_RT patch
  • Be able to identify and benchmark the hardware platform in terms of real-time characteristics
  • Be able to configure the Linux kernel for deterministic behavior.
  • Be able to develop, trace and debug real-time user-space Linux applications.

See the detailed agenda. At the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding on how to use, setup and debug real-time Linux systems and applications.

Training materials

All the training materials that we use during this course are freely available. Before the session, you can then check that they correspond to your needs.

Practical labs

BeagleBone Black boardIn our on-site courses, each lecture is followed by a practical lab done by the participant. The practical labs represent 50% of the whole course time. Labs are performed an embedded BeagleBone Black ARM board. You will use this board to setup a Linux kernel with PREEMPT_RT, develop real-time applications, benchmark the system and analyze real-time latencies.

In our on-line courses, the practical labs are performed as live demonstrations by the trainer. Participants can ask questions at any time. Optionally, the participants who have access to the necessary hardware accessories can reproduce the labs by themselves.


  • Minimal experience in embedded Linux development: participants should have a minimal understanding of the architecture of embedded Linux systems: role of the Linux kernel vs. user-space, development of Linux user-space applications in C. Following Bootlin’s Embedded Linux course allows to fulfill this pre-requisite.
  • Minimal English language level: B1, according to the Common European Framework of References for Languages, for our sessions in English. See the CEFR grid for self-evaluation.

Hardware requirements

  • For dedicated or public on-line courses:
    • Computer with the operating system of your choice, with the Google Chrome or Chromium browser for videoconferencing.
    • Webcam and microphone, from an audio headset
    • High speed access to the Internet
    • Optionally: the hardware accessories needed for the practical labs, if you want to reproduce the practical labs by yourself. Note that this is not mandatory: you can follow the course without those hardware accessories, as the trainer will perform the practical labs as live demonstrations.
  • For dedicated on-site courses:
    • Training room
    • Video projector
    • One recent PC computer for each desk (1 or 2 persons) installed with Linux. See the training agenda for detailed requirements.
    • Unfiltered and fast connection to the Internet
    • Bootlin provides the hardware accessories for the practical labs for the duration of the course
  • For public on-site courses, all equipement is provided by Bootlin.

Customer feedback

The course was well organized and focused on the topic. The trainer was very well informed on the subject and showed many practical examples on the topic. The course was a 100% positive experience for me.

Initial customer who purchased the course

By the way, you can also see evaluations from previous sessions. In the same way we are transparent with our training materials, we share all the evaluations that we collect, not only the best ones.

Participants with disabilities

Participants with disabilities who have special needs are invited to contact us to discuss adaptations to the training course.


For any question, registration or comment, you can contact us:, phone : +33 484 258 096.

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