Report on extensive real-time Linux benchmarks on AT91

The real time page I wrote for Atmel was finally released on the Linux4Sam Atmel Wiki. The purpose of this page was to help new comers to use real time features with Atmel CPUs and to present the state of the real time support.

Here are some figures associated to this work:

  • On this page I present the results of more than 300 hours of benchmarks!
  • During the setup and the tuning tests ran for more than 600 hours.
  • Analysis and formatting took a few dozen hours of work.
  • The benchmarks have been run on 3 boards, 3 flavors of Linux (vanilla, PREEMPT-RT patches, Xenomai co-kernel approach), and 2 kinds of tests (timer-based and GPIO-based)
  • Author: Gregory Clement

    Gregory is an embedded Linux, kernel and realtime engineer at Bootlin, which he joined in 2010. Since 2002, he has acquired vast on the field experience in porting and operating embedded Linux, in particular for industrial and transportation customers.

    2 thoughts on “Report on extensive real-time Linux benchmarks on AT91”

    1. Thanx mate… great work !
      Perfect timing… i’m advertising Linux in our company and “is it RT-capable” is always the first question.
      We work with G45.


    2. Thank your for your great job.

      I am working on AT91SAM9G20, and I’d like to do some extra testing on PREEMPT_RT in my lab, could you give me some detailed step-by-step instructions on how to migrate the software and also your testing applications, if it possible.

      Best Regards,

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