Linux 5.9 released: Bootlin contributions

Linux 5.9 was released last Sunday. See our usual resources for a good coverage of the highlights of this new release: KernelNewbies page, article on the first part of the merge window, article on the second part of the merge window.

On our side, we contributed a total of 69 commits to Linux 5.9, which unusually low and makes Bootlin the 31st contributing company by number of commits according to Linux Kernel Patch Statistic. The highlights of our contributions are:

  • Miquèl Raynal reworked part of the rawnand subsystem to allow drivers for non-ONFI compliant NANDs to select a more efficient data interface.
  • On the support of Atmel/Microchip platforms
    • Alexandre Belloni added proper support for the sama5d2 in the TCB (timer counter block) clocksource driver. While doing so, he upstreamd most of the remaining PREEMPT-RT patches for this driver.
    • Kamel Bouhara submitted a new driver for the TCB, this time in the counter subsystem, allowing to count external events, see our post on the topic
  • Antoine Ténart worked on PTP/IEEE 1588 support for the Microchip/Microsemi Ethernet PHYs. This required a change in the core to support a quad PHY properly. The series also included previous work from Quentin Schulz.
  • Paul Kocialkowski added support for the Rockchip PX30 SoC in the V4L2 M2M RGA driver.
  • Maxime Chretien, one of our trainee this year sent a fix for qconf.

Also, several Bootlin engineers are maintainers of various areas of the Linux kernel:

  • Miquèl Raynal, as the NAND maintainer and MTD co-maintainer, reviewed and merged 57 patches from other contributors
  • Alexandre Belloni, as the RTC maintainer and Microchip platform support co-maintainer, reviewed and merged 54 patches from other contributors
  • Grégory Clement, as the Marvell EBU platform support co-maintainer, reviewed and merged 13 patches from other contributors

Here is the complete list of our contributions:

Author: Alexandre Belloni

Alexandre is Bootlin's co-owner and COO. Alexandre joined as a kernel and embedded Linux engineer in 2013, and became co-owner and COO in 2021. More details...

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