João Marcos Costa

João Marcos CostaJoão joined Bootlin’s Lyon office in 2023 as an Embedded Linux engineer.

João graduated in 2020 with a master degree in Physical engineering and embedded systems from ENSICAEN, a French engineering school, as well as an Electrical Engineering degree in 2021 from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil.

During his studies, he did a first internship at NXP in France, and a final internship at Bootlin in France. After completing his studies in Brazil, he first worked as a software developer at Instituto de Pesquisas Eldorado in Brazil where is was in particular involved in upgrading Android BSPs from Android 11 to Android 12. After this experience, João moved back to France to work for Witekio as an embedded Linux engineer, where he was focused on embedded Linux integration using Yocto. He then shortly joined Alstom where he worked on a custom build system based on Podman (i.e., Debian containers) to generate Linux images, as a replacement to Yocto Project. In 2023, he decided to move to a more open-source friendly environment and got back to where he completed his final internship: Bootlin.

Through his various experiences, João has gained a specific expertise in developing custom Linux distributions using Yocto, which he has used on multiple platforms on various projects.

João also wrote and contributed support for the SquashFS filesystem in the U-Boot bootloader. His code is therefore now used on many devices around the world to load data from SquashFS filesystems from U-Boot, the most popular bootloader in embedded devices.

João is one of our trainers for the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded training course.