Reasons for choosing Bootlin training sessions

Experienced trainers

Most of the added value of a training session comes from the trainer. Our trainers correspond to profiles which are actually pretty difficult to find. They all are experienced engineers who also like to share their knowledge and have strong experience performing training sessions.

Bootlin is not a training company, though. Our trainers spend most of their time on development and consulting projects, and participating to community projects. This allows us to guarantee that your trainer always has up-to-date on-the-field experience to share with you. See our trainers page for details.


All our training materials (lectures, technical labs, lab data) are freely available under a Free Documentation license. See the training descriptions to find these materials. This allows you to check that the sessions correspond to your needs.

You are free to make copies of the training materials for any number of colleagues, actually for anyone!

If people in your organization have sufficient skills but no time to create their own materials, they can use ours and train your teams by themselves!

By ordering Bootlin training sessions, you also contribute to funding their development and improvement. Doing this, you contribute to spreading the knowledge about embedded Linux and Free Software. This attracts more developers and contributors, for everyone’s best profit, including yours!

Useful materials

Traditional training companies only give you paper copies of their training materials. Ours are freely available as electronic documents, which makes them very easy to use as references. Doing a keyword search just takes a few seconds.

Free updates and upgrades. By accessing our on-line materials you automatically get our latest updates and improvements, and you can learn about useful new features, tools or references.

Up to date learning and materials

We live in an environment which evolves rapidly. This is particularly true with the Linux kernel and Free Software community websites. Hence our materials and practical labs are constantly kept up to date. You do not learn about obsolete features and you only practice with recent kernel versions.

We have also developed a script to detect broken hyperlinks in our documents. This is another way to guarantee that our materials are really useful.

As they are freely available on the Internet, our training materials are read by many people. We regularly get corrections and comments.

Board included

The price of our public training sessions includes the ARM development board used during the session. Even long after the course, this allows participants to continue to learn and experiment using a well known working base. Participants can also use the board and software built during the course to develop their own prototypes.

Our on-site sessions don’t include the training boards, but these are easy to order anyway.

Training techniques

Bootlin practical labs are not like the push button ones found too often, in which you just passively follow instructions.

Instead, our practical labs instructions are very clear about what goals are, but do not tell much about how to achieve them. You really understand some things when you practice them, and our labs try to put you in situations that reveal details you may not have understood well.

When this happens, the audience can go back to lecture materials and ask questions to the instructor. That’s much better than when questions arise later on the real job, and the instructor is no longer there.

Lab solutions

Whenever this makes sense, we give a document detailing how each lab could be implemented, and explaining the reasons why things were done this way. The participants can read these documents at the end of the day, or later in their real job when they need to do something similar again.

Cost efficiency

While most traditional training companies charge you on a per trainee basis, we just charge you the same cost whatever the number of participants. This is fair because the amount of work for the trainer doesn’t depend much on the number of participants.

Thanks to this, if your organization has more than 5 people to train, you will find our prices very competitive. For 5 people or less, as traditional training companies require a minimum number of participants anyway, you will find that our offer is still competitive.

Transparent participant feedback

At Bootlin, we do not only quote enthusiastic training participants! We give you access to all the comments from our audience. It’s difficult to find more transparent offers!

It takes a lot of time and work to build a good course. Even though we already achieve a pretty good level of customer satisfaction, we are still working hard on areas that still need improving.

Being fully transparent with customer ratings and feedback also challenges us to achieve best customer satisfaction at each session.

Environmental friendliness

Bootlin has stopped providing paper copies of training materials, to reduce its consumption of paper and to avoid carrying up to 10 kg to remote places, adding to our CO2 footprint.

Bootlin also uses electricity produced from renewable sources.