Ezequiel Garcia

Ezequiel Garcia is a Software Engineer from Rosario, Argentina. He has worked for the past 8 years on a wide range of languages and platforms. Since 2009 he has been involved in embedded projects, working on Linux in Set Top boxes. Ezequiel joined Bootlin in early 2013.

Although Ezequiel has started participating actively in the Linux Kernel in early 2012, he already has contributed many patches to several subsystems including video4linux, alsa, slab, trace, MTD, UBI and ARM. He is also the maintainer of the stk1160 USB video capture card.

He was involved on a Linux Foundation’s Consumers Electronics Workgroup project to track and reduce kernel dynamic memory. See the slides for his presentation at the 2013 edition of the Embedded Linux Conference.

What’s impressive about Ezequiel is his ability to learn fast and quickly master complex technical topics, such as Linux kernel subsystems. His academic background is in Electronic Engineering and Physics.

Ezequiel is also very passionate about Free/Open Source Software and Free Culture. In Argentina he’s doing advocacy giving talks about the Linux Kernel, organizing events, workshops and encouraging people to get involved in Open Source projects.

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