Happy New Year!

Our very best wishes for 2009!

Usually, we create special wish cards for our customers and for the whole community. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time last year, and this happened again this year. Actually, higher priority projects are keeping us busy:

  • Fixing our LXR website. Thanks to this, the code hyperlinks in our kernel slides work again!
  • Preparing our new training sessions. We now propose two new training agendas, one full week only about the Linux kernel, and another full week on embedded Linux system development. Last but not least, we now use real hardware in our training sessions, and not just emulated boards.
  • Processing the videos we took at the 2008 edition of the Embedded Linux Conference Europe. We hope to release them by the end of January.
  • Migrating the French part of our website to WordPress, as we did with the English one.
  • Releasing new technical documents that we haven’t had time to polish yet.
  • Making contributions to community projects (Linux kernel, QEMU, Buildroot…).
  • Working on development projects

Anyway, we really hope that this year will be very busy for you too, despite the economic slowdown. With sustainable and cost-effective solutions, backed by a huge community of developers and users, you could really make a difference.