Frequently Asked Questions

Q : I am registered to one of your online courses, should I order hardware in advance?
R : It is up to you. If you have the hardware, you will be able to reproduce the practical labs by yourself, which definitely adds value to the training course experience. In order to achieve this, you will have to purchase the hardware (see the “Shopping list” pages of our materials, or the Web page dedicated to your session) and plan some additional time between sessions. You can get support from the trainer using an instant messaging channel. On the other hand, if you are not able or not willing to purchase the hardware, the trainer will anyway perform all labs as live demonstrations during the training course.

Q: Would it be possible to run practical labs on the QEMU emulator?
R: Yes, it’s coming. In the embedded Linux course, we are already offering instructions to run most practical labs on QEMU between the sessions, before the practical demos performed by the trainer. We should also be able to propose such instructions for our Yocto Project and Buildroot training courses in the next months. Such work is likely to take more time for our Linux kernel course, practical labs being closer to the hardware that we use.

Q: Why proposing half days instead of full days?
A: From our experience, it’s very difficult to stay focused on a new technical topic for an entire day without having periodic moments when you are active (which happens in our public and on-site sessions, in which we interleave lectures and practical labs). Hence, we believe that daily slots of 4 hours (with a small break in the middle) is a good solution, also leaving extra time for following up your normal work.

Q: Are video recordings available/allowed for your online courses ?
A: No, we do not provide video recordings of our training courses, nor do we allow participants to video record the training sessions they participate to. We do not allow participants to video record the training sessions to preserve the privacy of the other participants of the same session. We do not provide video recordings of our training courses because we already provide for free all our training materials, and therefore we do not want video recordings to be made available.