Hardware Expertise

RatiotechIn 2023, Bootlin forged a strategic partnership with Ratiotech, a company renowned for its extensive hardware expertise and design services:

  • broad electronic system support through its expertise and design services: solve design weakness, obsolescence and part specification change, electrical, CEM and thermal qualification failure, production low-yield issue and abnormal statistical on-field return
  • strong electronic design and manufacturing knowledge, covering analog low-noise and high speed, discret digital to high-speed and multi-core processing, power supply and energy conversion, from 80s design to the latest high-end technology
  • new product development services from specification, design analysis, documentation and justification, schematic implementation, board layout to prototype manufacturing, testing and validation by applying a robust methodology and project management, using the latest simulation and CAD tools

To delve deeper into the full scope of offerings provided by Ratiotech, you can explore their services in Electronic Design, System Expertise, Signal Integrity, EMC.

This strategic partnership yields several key advantages:

  • Bootlin gains access to an enriched pool of hardware expertise, facilitating the development of Linux Board Support Packages, platform bring-up, and issue resolution.
  • Bootlin is now equipped to offer comprehensive product development projects, encompassing both the hardware and embedded Linux operating system, enabling our customers to concentrate on their core applications.
  • Ratiotech, in turn, benefits from supplementary software expertise contributed by Bootlin engineers, with a particular focus on the field of embedded Linux.

If you’re interested in this expertise, do not hesitate to contact either Ratiotech or Bootlin.