Quentin Schulz

Quentin Schulz joined Bootlin in 2016, first as an intern in charge of building a board farm and then as an embedded Linux and kernel engineer.

Linux kernel development experience

Most notably, Quentin contributed a driver for most of Allwinner SoC’s GPADC and brought CPU thermal throttling to Allwinner A33 SoC. He also contributed power supply drivers for X-Powers AXP20X/AXP22X PMICs, for AC and battery power supplies.

Industrial Input/Output (IIO) subsystem and specifically ADC is his domain of expertise.

See all his contributions to the Linux kernel.

Bootloader experience

Quentin added support for a custom board based on iMX6 modules and upstreamed support for the Allwinner Parrot R16 development board.

Speaking experience

During his first participation in a conference, at ELCE 2016, he and his former internship supervisor, Antoine Ténart, presented the board farm he had built during his 6-months internship. They talked about the challenges of a build farm, the problems encountered, the software (LAVA) used for continuous integration and the tool Quentin wrote for taking control of boards remotely. (Slides and video)

For his second conference, at ELC 2017, he did a talk on how PMICs work within the Linux kernel and why one would want to add a PMIC to a board, taking as an example the work he did on X-Powers AXP20X and AXP22X PMICs. (Slides and video)


During his internship at Bootlin, he created a board farm which allows to contribute to continuous integration testing of the Linux kernel (through the Kernel CI project). The board farm also allows to control the boards remotely for the needs of Bootlin projects, thanks to Lavabo project that Quentin created too.

He did a presentation at ELCE 2016 on the subject and also wrote two articles[1][2] on Bootlin’s blog.

This made Quentin familiar with using and debugging embedded Linux and bootloaders on a wide range of ARM platforms.

[1] Hardware infrastructure of Bootlin’s lab
[2] Software architecture of Bootlin’s lab