Mylène Josserand

Mylène is an embedded Linux and kernel engineer at Bootlin, which she joined in 2016. She started her professional experience with embedded Linux during her Master’s Degree internship at Barco in 2011.

She joined an automotive company, Navocap, where she was the maintainer of the Linux system (working on Barebox and the Linux kernel) on a custom i.MX27 board. Then, she worked, as a sub-contractor for Open Wide, for another automotive company on i.MX6 and with a Yocto Project development environment.

She also has experience and education in medical systems.

Embedded Linux experience

Mylène has experience in embedded Linux systems mostly through ARM processors (i.MX27 and i.MX6). She worked in R&D and industrial embedded contexts. She also has experience in wireless devices (WiFi, modem, Bluetooth, NFS). For example, she worked on D-Bus, Ofono and ConnMan (which she contributes to when possible).

Linux kernel experience

Mylène also has experience contributing to the mainline Linux kernel, through customer projects at Bootlin and during her free time too. IN particular, she added support for some RTCs from Microcrystal and for the GR8 chip from NextThingCo. See her accepted contributions in the official Linux kernel sources.

Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded experience

When she was at Barco, she worked with OpenEmbedded on a project using technologies such as Bluetooth and NFC. She then got experience with the Yocto project at Navocap by migrating an OpenEmbedded build system to the Yocto Project one. She also used the Yocto Project in an industrial automotive context for 1 year. That’s when she made contributions to the ConnMan project.

At Bootlin, she helped a customer to make their Yocto Project more usable and closer to good practice recommendations from the Yocto Project. This included technical support for their use of the Yocto Project. She also took care of updating Bootlin’s Yocto training materials (slides and labs) to the krogoth stable branch.

Medical background

Mylène started her studies at a medical professional university. During her master’s internship, she discovered Embedded Linux by working on a medical display at Barco. She loved working on Linux and continued ever since! Thanks to her Master’s degree, she has both skills in medical systems and computer science.

Promotion of Free and Open Source Software

Mylène is passionate about Free Software and she is one of the organizers of the Capitole du Libre event in Toulouse, France, which targets Free Software enthusiasts but also tries to attract the general public. In particular, she was responsible for the embedded track at the 2016 edition. Mylène also frequently participates to the Toulouse and Embedded Linux meetup, where she already shared her experience with D-Bus.

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