Luca Ceresoli

Luca CeresoliLuca joined Bootlin in 2022 as an Embedded Linux engineer and trainer. Previously he worked as an embedded firmware engineer since 2002 working on various hardware platforms and as an embedded Linux engineer since 2008 working mostly on ARM-based hardware.

He has designed and implemented several VoIP, multimedia and networking products, working on the whole BSP stack: boot process, kernel, device drivers, build system integration and application software. He also supported hardware designers in decision making and prototype debugging, designed FPGAs, implemented production and testing tools.

Linux kernel and bootloader experience

Luca adapted U-Boot and the Linux kernel to work on Texas Instruments, Marvell, Nuvoton and Xilinx System-on-chips, customizing the boot process to support various update systems and writing device drivers for unsupported chips. He implemented various improvements to the boot process of Xilinx ZynqMP System-on-chip family.

Build system experience

Luca has been using in depth the Buildroot and Yocto build systems and adapted them to meet specific project requirements. He wrote tools to automate the company development and continuous integration workflows.

Training experience

Luca is a trainer at Bootlin for the Embedded Linux system development course and Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded development course. He can deliver both courses in English or Italian.

Open source community contributions

In recent years Luca contributed several patches to the Linux kernel, mostly adding or improving device drivers and documentation. He has been an active member of the Buildroot community by contributing patches and participating to Buildroot developer days. He also contributed to various other open source projects.

Luca has been a speaker at various national and international conferences including Embedded Linux Conference and FOSDEM.