Köry Maincent – Bootlin Staff

Köry MaincentKöry Maincent joined Bootlin as an embedded Linux and kernel engineer in 2020. Köry has been working as an embedded Linux engineer since 2017, first working at Navocap, a company implementing embedded systems for the public transportation sector.

Linux kernel and U-Boot experience

Köry has developed Linux Board Support Packages (BSPs) from scratch to support new i.MX6 and i.MX27 boards. He helped the hardware designers with the choice of components. Then he worked on extending or updating Linux kernel drivers (such as audio codecs, USB and serial drivers), and on developing new drivers from scratch (such as a new I2C device driver). He also maintained U-Boot on such boards. Köry also has experience using Coreboot on an x86 CPU.

Köry was then in charge of maintaining the Linux and U-Boot BSPs for such boards.

At Bootlin Köry has worked in Bootloader and Linux adaptation for several other architectures like STM32, i.MX8, ZynqMP, X86 … He has specially added the U-boot support for extension board management.

Build system experience

Still for the above i.MX6 and i.MX27 boards, Köry developed new layers to generate embedded Linux distributions with the Yocto Project, to reduce the dependency on Freescale layers and allow for long term maintainability.

At Bootlin Köry has developed a good experience with Buildroot in particular by adding support and maintaining the STM32MP1 Buildroot external tree. Alongside he continued to work with Yocto, with the above architecture i.MX8, ZynqMP, Zynq7000.