Kamel Bouhara – Bootlin staff

Kamel BouharaKamel Bouhara joined Bootlin as an embedded Linux and kernel engineer in 2019.

Linux kernel and bootloader experience

After a first experience in porting Barebox on a iMX27 based board, Kamel worked on several projects mostly involving development and adaptation of U-Boot/Barebox bootloaders, supporting secure-boot, implementing update scenarios based on OTA frameworks like RAUC and factory flashing process based on USB (UMS, fastboot).

At bootlin, Kamel has contributed to the Linux kernel, he developed a counter driver for Microchip SAMA5 based platforms and did improvments for various drivers.

Build system experience

Kamel started working with OpenEmbedded/Yocto in 2010 as part of an internship on a board-bring up project. He developed a strong experience in creating custom BSP layers for projects involving various frameworks, QT, NodeJs, Rust, etc.

Of course, he also has a good experience in providing solutions based on Buildroot to which he also have contributed.

Training experience

Kamel is a trainer at Bootlin for the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded development course.