Clément Léger – Bootlin Staff

Clément LégerClément Léger joined Bootlin as an embedded Linux and kernel engineer in 2021.

After an engineering diploma acquired at ENSIMAG with a major in embedded systems, he joined a silicon vendor company named Kalray in 2012.

At Kalray, Clément was in charge of the Linux kernel & bootloader porting to the brand new custom CPU architecture called KVX. While doing so, he had the opportunity to work on a broad range of embedded software ranging from bare-metal to Linux kernel development. He contributed to many aspects of embedded software ranging from hardware definition, validation, board bringup, bootchain, Linux kernel and communication libraries.

Porting Linux to the KVX architecture allowed him to work on the low-level parts of the processor (interrupts, syscall, exceptions, etc) to support them in the Linux kernel arch/ subsystem. Drivers for peripherals were also developed in various subsystems such as remoteproc, irqchip, pinctrl and spimem.

At Bootlin, Clément is a member of the engineering team developing Linux Board Support Packages for embedded platforms, porting Linux and bootloaders to new processors and platforms, as well as contributing code to several open-source projects in the embedded Linux ecosystem.

While attached to our office in Lyon, Clément works remotely from his home in Grenoble.