Boris Brezillon

Boris Brezillon

Boris has been working on embedded Linux systems since 2007, both on userspace applications and on kernel space drivers. He joined Bootlin in 2014.

He worked on two embedded architectures: ARM and AVR32, and on X86 platforms too.

Embedded Linux experience

He was in charge of the whole embedded distribution used on the TaHoma box from Somfy (a custom distribution built with Yocto), from the Linux kernel to userspace applications (in his case applications dedicated to home automation).

He also contributed to a proprietary C++ framework used to make home automation application development easier.

Linux kernel experience

Boris wrote several proprietary drivers to support various home automation protocols using a simple On-off keying transmitter (with some real-time requirements). Boris is also contributing to Atmel’s at91 platform support and has contributed many patches such as:

  • PWM driver using the Timer Counter Block
  • Some improvements to at91 watchdog drivers
  • Migration of Atmel’s custom clock implementation to the Common Clock Framework
  • Many fixes on various drivers

Boris is also developing the NAND controller driver for the Allwinner ARM processors and has proposed improvements to the core Linux MTD subsystem (see this thread and this other thread).

See his full list of commits in the mainline Linux kernel sources.