Bastien Curutchet

Bastien CurutchetBastien Curutchet joined Bootlin as an accomplished embedded software engineer in early 2024. Having earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from INSA Lyon in 2016, he commenced his professional journey with a brief stint in analog electronics at Texas Instruments, before finding his niche at Scalian.

During his six-year tenure at Scalian, Bastien honed his expertise as an embedded software engineer, specializing in aerospace and military industries. His journey encompassed a wide spectrum of responsibilities, from VHDL development in FPGA to Linux driver development. Notably, he contributed to the creation of PCIe drivers for custom boards, covering diverse functionalities such as Ethernet and Video support. His versatile skill set targeted platforms including Jetson Nano, x86, and Ultrascale+, along with FPGA implementations on Ultrascale+ or Spartan 6.

Bastien is well-versed in build system management, having overseen the development of custom Linux firmwares based on Yocto, applied to platforms like iMX6 or Zynq Ultrascale+. His comprehensive experience positions him as a valuable asset in navigating complex and multifaceted software and firmware development projects.

Bastien is one of our trainers for our Embedded Linux system development training course.

You can also follow Bastien on LinkedIn.