Buildroot training in Toulouse, France


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No session planned in this location at the moment.

Contact:, phone: +33 484 258 097.

See also the other public sessions that we organize, in the same and in other locations. We can also organize a session at your own location.

Course details

Advanges of our public sessions

Here are the advantages of joining a Bootlin public session:

  • Number of participants limited to 10
  • One PC and embedded board per participant
    (you are not asked to work with another participant)
  • Embedded board given away to each participant

Objectives and target audience


This course targets engineers having existing knowledge about embedded Linux who wish to use the Buildroot build system to automate the build process of their embedded Linux system, make it easier and fully reproducible, benefit from thousands of pre-existing packages and create custom Linux systems perfectly adapted to their products.

At the end of this course, you will be ready to use the Buildroot to develop your own embedded Linux system and the applications running on it.


training desktopHere are the main topics that we cover:

  • Introduction to Buildroot
  • Managing and building the configuration
  • Buildroot source and build trees
  • Toolchains in Buildroot
  • Managing the Linux kernel configuration
  • Root filesystem
  • Download infrastructure
  • GNU Make 101
  • Integrating new packages
  • Advanced package aspects
  • Analyzing the build
  • Advanced topics
  • Application development with Buildroot
  • Understanding the Buildroot internals
  • Buildroot community: getting support and contributing
  • What’s new in Buildroot?

See the detailed agenda.

Bootlin’s expertise on Buildroot

Bootlin is a major contributor to the Buildroot upstream project, with more than 5400 patches merged as of March 2021, include the ones merged under its former name. Our engineer Thomas Petazzoni alone has contributed close to 5000 patches. He has gathered an extensive knowledge of Buildroot and its internals, being one of the primary authors of the core infrastructures of Buildroot. He is a major participant to the Buildroot community, organizing the regular Buildroot Developer Days, supporting users through the mailing list and on IRC. Last but not least, Thomas is one of the four co-maintainers of the Buildroot project: he is in charge of reviewing, approving and merging contributions made to Buildroot by the open-source community.

In addition, Bootlin has used and is using Buildroot in a significant number of customer projects, giving us an excellent view of Buildroot usage for real projects. This feedback has been driving some of our Buildroot contributions over the last years.

It is this Buildroot expertise gathered both in the community and through customer projects that Bootlin is offering in this training course.

Training materials

All the training materials that we use during this course are freely available. Before the session, you can then check that they correspond to your needs.

Practical labs

BeagleBone Black boardEach lecture in our course is followed by a practical implementation, representing 50% to 60% of the whole course time.

Labs are performed an embedded ARM board (BeagleBone Black). You will use it to boot the root filesystems that you build with Buildroot, and to run and debug the custom applications compiled with it. This experience will be useful for dealing with any type of board.

The electronic board is yours to keep at the end of the session. Even long after the course, this allows you to continue to learn and experiment using a well known working base. You can even use your board and what you created during the course to develop your own prototypes.

The BeagleBone Black makes a powerful and versatile platform to develop your own prototypes. It also offers very complete connectivity. This board will allow you to develop all kinds of mobile multimedia system prototypes. You will even be able to use it as a lightweight desktop or server!


Participants need to be familiar with the UNIX or Linux command line interface. Those who aren’t are asked to do some self training on the topic, for example by using our training materials. This way, they won’t waste time during practical labs because of issues using the operating system environment.


Participants need to have some existing knowledge about embedded Linux, as taught in our Embedded Linux training.

Customer feedback

Bootlin has proven time and again that their expertise in Linux trainings is unparalleled. Not only were the already existing trainings invaluable for training of our personnel, but they were also willing to adapt and reintroduce new trainings, custom tailored for our needs.

Nikola Jelić – Zuehlke Engineering

By the way, you can also see evaluations from previous sessions. In the same way we are transparent with our training materials, we share all the evaluations that we collect, not only the best ones.


See the list of sessions on top of the page to check in which oral language each session will be given.

The training materials are available only in English language.


All our trainers spend most of their time on customer projects or on Open Source projects. Our engineer will therefore have solid on-the-job experience to share.

For further details about our trainers, see our trainers page.


Salle de formationThis training session will happen in the facilities of Etincelle Coworking, 2 rue d’Austerlitz (map in the city center of Toulouse, France. This location is about 200m away from the Jean Jaurès underground station, at the intersection of lines A and B. A parking lot for more than 800 vehicles is nearby on the “allées Jean Jaurès” street. The central train station is 1 underground station away or 15 minutes by foot. There is an airport shuttle stop at 300m. If you are coming from outside Toulouse, you can find accommodation in many different hotels in the area.

You can reach Toulouse:

  • By plane. The Toulouse Blagnac airport has good connections with Europe’s main hub airports. In particular, there is an Air France flight to an from Paris every 30 minutes. EasyJet also offers cheap flights to Toulouse. A shuttle connects the airport to the city center every 20 minutes.
  • By train. There are direct trains from Paris (5 hours), Bordeaux (2 hours), Montpellier (2 hours) and Lyon (5 hours)


This course is 3 days long, each day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. If some participants have to leave earlier on the last day, we can make sure that all key lectures and labs are complete by 4:00 pm on that day.


Our rate includes the course, laptop rental, lunch as well as morning and afternoon breaks. Each participant walks away with his own electronic board.

Note that dinner, breakfast, accommodation, and traveling costs are not included in our price. Each participant will have to pay for such expenses by themselves.


To pre-register one or several individuals, please contact and tell us the dates and location of the session you are interested in.

We will then send you a registration form to collect all the details we need to send you a quote.

You can also ask all your questions by calling +33 484 258 097.

If the emergency of training needs matters more than the costs, or if you have enough people to train, you may also consider ordering an on-site session. You can then choose the date and location, according to the availability of our trainers.

Questions and answers

Q: May I leave a little earlier on the last day?
A: Yes, it’s possible. The agenda makes sure most important topics are covered by 3:00 pm on the last day. Anyway, we can still keep you busy until 6:00 pm.

Q: Do I have to pay training expenses ahead of time?
A: With most companies, this is not needed, and this makes last minute registrations quick and easy. We just need a formal commitment from you (a Training Convention for French customers, or a purchase order for other customers).

Q: The session is just in a few days. Isn’t it too late to register?
A: Not necessarily, if there are still seats left. We can process your request quickly if your company can make a decision quickly too.

Q: I am quite new to Linux. Won’t I get lost if I register?
A: It’s true that our courses require basic skills in the Unix/Linux command line. Some self training with our Unix command line slides will definitely make you more productive during the sessions. However, lots of Linux beginners have already done all right without this, thanks to our help during the courses and thanks to our command memento sheet.

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