Mailing lists for training participants

If you have ever participated to a Free Electrons training course, you can subscribe to our dedicated mailing lists:

These lists allow you:

  • To ask questions about the topics covered by the courses, to report issues that your are facing, and to get a first level of technical support, either from Free Electrons trainers or from other participants. This can be particularly useful for people trying to run the practical labs again on their own hardware.
  • To share your experience with other people having taken the same course and done the same practical labs.
  • To share further comments and suggestions about course contents.
  • To get news about important updates to the course materials. This can help to update what you learned, and can be a good opportunity to run some practical labs again.

Note that to share the experience with the whole technical community, the list archives are public. However, you will need to be a subscriber to send messages to the mailing lists.

If you are going to participate to one of our sessions in the next weeks, your subscription will automatically be taken care of (with your explicit agreement, of course).

If you did participate to one of our courses (even if it was years ago), you can ask us to subscribe you by contacting telling us which session you participated to.

About technical support:

  • We ask you to do your homework first. Look for information on the Internet. Check our mailing list archives too (see the above links).
  • Free Electrons trainers will do their best to answer your questions. However, such effort will be provided in a “best effort” way. Free Electrons cannot guarantee a predictable response time, and if questions require some investigation or development work, you should only expect us to guide you to find solutions by yourself.
  • If you have intense or urgent technical support needs that need to be addressed in a predictable fashion, we suggest you to have a look at our engineering services.