How to reduce power consumption with GNU/Linux? image/svg+xml How to reduce power consumption with GNU/Linux?   Michael OpdenackerToulouse, 2023 How to reduce powerconsumption with GNU/Linux ? Free Software enthusiastFounder of BootlinEmbedded Linux Software EngineeringStrong presence in Toulouse ;-)Author of free training materials(Embedded Linux, Linux kernel, Linuxboot time reduction...)Contributor to the Linux Ecology HOWTOin the 2000s. Michael Opdenacker Following the energy crisis and the climate emergencyNeed to save energy rather than producing moreGNU/Linux allows to use your hardware longer Why this presentation? Have longer running time on battery,make the battery life longerLearn how to make my penguinhibernateSharing our best techniques More technical motives Main target hardware: laptops running GNU/LinuxToo : desktop computers, serversAnd (a bit) : embedded Linux boards Target of this presentation Measure your consumptionSuspending, hibernatingScreen managementFrequency and performanceIdentifying the top sourcesof power consumption Covered topics (1) Measure your power consumption Disabling unused devicesMaking good use of generated heat Covered topics (2) For more accurate measurements Using the ACME board from BaylibreCost : about 100 EUR / USD (thanks for the gift!)Open Source Hardware and Software for accuratemeasurement of power consumption.Perfect to measure the consumption of embeddedboards or small circuits.This allowed me to measure the consumptionof my BeagleBone Black (ARM). Unfortunately,it's hard to make this board suspend to RAMor even go idle. It seems special firmware is neededand I still have issues building it.