Marcin Bis

Marcin Bis

Marcin is an embedded Linux training contractor for Bootlin, who lives in Poland.

Marcin has been working with Linux in embedded systems since 2007 and with Linux in general (as sysadmin, network admin, system and application programmer) since 2001. He has worked on a number of interesting projects including a wearable embedded text-to speech player for visually impaired, weighting scales used for component dosing in plastics industry, bio-chemical RNA synthesis device and home automation utilizing modern wireless communication technologies.

Marcin has his own consulting company. He helps customers to create business value and to reduce costs by migrating from proprietary or self-made embedded software to open-source solutions. Marcin is interested in the usage of embedded Linux in the industry, including real-time systems and system security.

He works as a Linux Engineer, designer/architect of the operating system and BSP as well as technical team leader. He develops and helps to develop solutions on all stages of the lifecycle of a device: from planning and circuit designing to manufacturing, device bring-up, deployment to service and software updating. He knows C, C++ (including QT), shell, and other languages, tools and technologies.

Marcin has been successfully delivering training courses and workshops in Embedded Linux and Linux Kernel and Drivers Development for well-known companies in Poland and has always achieved very good levels of participant satisfaction. Since 2013 he teaches Bootlin’s Embedded Linux Development course. We (and our course participants) appreciate his ability to explain complex topics in a simple way, always making references to real-world examples from his experience.

Marcin is also the author of a book in Polish about Linux in embedded systems (‘Linux w systemach embedded’), published in 2011.

He has made multiple well-received talks at international technical conferences, including ELCE (Bootlin has recorded his presentations in 2012 and 2013), Designing with Freescale, and local Linux Conferences in Poland.

You can see some of his work on his own website and you can have a look at his LinkedIn profile.