Bootlin at the Kernel Recipes conference

Kernel RecipesThe 2016 edition of the Kernel Recipes conference will take place from September 28th to 30th in Paris. With talks from kernel developers Jonathan Corbet, Greg Kroah-Hartmann, Daniel Vetter, Laurent Pinchart, Tejun Heo, Steven Rosdedt, Kevin Hilman, Hans Verkuil and many others, the schedule looks definitely very appealing, and indeed the event is now full.

Thomas Petazzoni, Bootlin CTO, will be attending this event. If you’re interested in discussing business or career opportunities with Bootlin, this event will be a great place to meet together.

Videos of XDC2014 and Kernel Recipes 2014

Recently, two interesting conferences took place in France: the developer conference (in Bordeaux, October 8th-10th) and the Kernel Recipes conference (in Paris, September 25th-26th). Foundation logo

Kernel Recipes logo

Both conferences have now published videos and slides of the different talks:

  • for the XDC 2014 conference, they are available in the program page
  • for the Kernel Recipes conference, they are available from the schedule page

It also means that the video of the talk given by Bootlin engineer Maxime Ripard about the support for Allwinner processors in the kernel is now available: video, slides.

Bootlin at Kernel Recipes, September 2013, Paris

Kernel Recipes conference logoFor the second year, a company called Hupstream, located in Paris, is organizing in France a conference fully dedicated to kernel development: Kernel Recipes (French), on September 24th and 25th.

While we at Bootlin couldn’t participate to last year edition, it looked like a very interesting conference, with both useful talks and an audience grouping a significant number of kernel developers and companies interested in kernel development in France. So this year, we are very happy to participate to this conference:

We are definitely looking forward to meeting some of the French kernel developers we have been in contact with over the last months (see the list of participants). It is also worth mentioning that Bootlin has an open position for a kernel or embedded Linux engineer, and that this conference is a great opportunity to meet us!